I’ll Go First is an invitation to story, healing and purposeful living.  

We began with the idea that sharing our stories with each other helps us heal, and that finding wholeness leads a deeper life purpose. Sometimes it's difficult to believe we can write a different ending to our beginning.  We are here to show you how,  connect you to healing resources in your area, and support you in living an abundant life with vision and purpose.

We're also dedicated to finding solutions to barriers that keep people from obtaining mental health and trauma recovery care they need and deserve. We believe that mental health is a human right, and we're determined to ensure that those most of need of care are able to access it, whether as an individual or as a community seeking to support the care of many.

If you had to put us in a box, we're a digital mental health nonprofit organization, or you could just say that we really love people, their stories, and helping them find freedom from their past so they can go live awesome lives. (We like that one the most!)

The spirit of I'll Go First celebrates hopefulness, resilience and breaking free from what shames us. We believe healing is possible and we're here for you 100% of the way. 

Let’s go first together. 

With love and hope, 

Jessica Minhas, Founder, I'll Go First